Thursday, March 1, 2012

I'm a Champ and Ovacue giveaway!

So I had my HSG on 2/27/12! It wasn't too bad. I can't be too sure that it's not because I had valium to help me relax though! I had no pain during the actual procedure. There were some slight issues getting the catheter into my cervix due to having a small cervix. We got through it though by inflating the balloon a bit early! I had no cramping until I stood up from the table. The cramping didn't get back until all of the meds wore off and then it was pretty bad. In the end it was well worth it! I have no blocked tubes and my uterus, while tilted, is shaped as it is supposed to be! I had my follow-up with my doctor this morning. At this time she is going to let the 2000 mg dosage of metformin work for another 3 more months before we talk about Clomid! That is what I wanted to hear this morning! Also, our sperm analysis came back! Motility isn't perfect, but isn't considered infertile either! She didn't want to do anything for that since his number was at an ok level! Still...we talked and he agreed to try either fertilaid for men to increase motility or CoQ10! Nothing but good news today! Here's to hoping my next appointment with my doc is for OB instead of GYN!

Also...I have some good news! There is a giveaway for an ovacue monitor going on! Go here: and follow the instructions!!! Tell them I sent you:

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